Jeremy Stevens Fucks George Glass - Dirty Tony
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Description: Jeremy Stevens and George Glass are sitting next to each other on my bed, discussing their tattoos. Jeremy is admiring the colorful sleeve that covers George's thick left bicep. He grips George's arm, excitedly. Now George starts exploring all the ink Jeremy has. As he gets to a special one just below Jeremy's navel, he begins to kiss gently, massaging the mass in the jeans nearby. He nuzzles Jeremy's pubic patch and starts to swallow the swollen tube. He's able to bury the giant cock down to the base. Slobbering happily on Jeremy's meat, George lifts the stud's legs to get better access to his pucker. George's beard tickles Jeremy's ass cheeks and his tongue plunges deep into the velvet canyon. As George stands up on the bed, his cock comes within inches of Jeremy's mesmerized eyes. He opens wide and starts sucking George's cock. Jeremy spins George around and bends him over; licking his hairy crack hungrily. George is so turned on by the tongue plunging into his hole, he spits on Jeremy's dick to lube it up. He crouches over Jeremy's crotch and slides the giant pink member into his hole in one fluid motion. He begins to bounce and moan as his internal organs are rearranged by Jeremy's massive cock. Jeremy flips him up on all fours so that he can bang the hairy stud's hole from behind. Plunging deep inside, it seems as if his cock is about to emerge from the other end as George moans in pleasure-pain. Rolling George onto his back for some romantic face-to-face fucking, Jeremy starts to pound his way to the perfect orgasm. When he's ready to unload, he whips his cock out of George's still puckered hole and shoves his cock into the hairy stud's waiting mouth. What seems like a river of cum leaps from the tip of Jeremy's cock, landing perfectly on the outstretched tongue below. With his mouth still brimming with the giant load he's just received, George unleashes his own cumgasm, coating the thick hair on his stomach and chest. Jeremy swoops in for a taste of the delicious treat his bottom has just created for him, licking and sucking the jizz from George's matted body hair.

Added on: 2012-09-03 20:34:23
Submitted by: albert
Runtime: 03:00
Site: Dirty Tony


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